About Acoustics

Acoulite helps you create an enhanced acoustic landscape which augments your office’s capabilities and aids your workers in doing their jobs effectively.

  • Is confidentiality of paramount importance?
  • Is your office soundscape distracting?
  • Is privacy missing in your office?
  • Do you often feel misheard?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from our acoustic service.

Acoulite’s professional acoustic team will meet you to do an in-depth diagnostic assessment. By gathering data and feedback from you, we engineer a soundscape for you. One that results in a composed environment which enhances discretion, intelligibility and comfort. Ultimately, resulting in improved employee performance and capabilities due to reduced stress.

Our 3-step approach is simple.

Absorb. Block. Mask.


Capture reflected sound

Soundwaves reverberate and bounce off of hard surfaces such as glass and concrete. Using specialised acoustic products, we are able to reduce and even eliminate this undesirable reflection as it hits these surfaces. Capturing this reflected sound promotes comfort as it reduces echo and unwanted superfluous sounds.


Stop sound travelling

Using physical, vertical barriers between the noise source and listener, we are able to block sound travelling between the one and the other. The higher the barrier, the more effective the result.


Cover over any unwanted noise

These solutions often make use of computer-generated random sound that covers or masks unwanted noise, making conversation easier and adding increased levels of privacy.

Our work says it all

Learn more about some of the projects we have successfully completed in the region.