Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need sound masking?

Research conducted over the last decade by the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) and others shows that poor acoustics are the number one cause of workplace dissatisfaction and the most significant factor affecting employee performance.

If  you work in a modern office, you can likely relate. Usually, you’re spending time on work that requires concentration. Disruptive noises and conversations make tasks harder to complete. Errors happen more often that adds to stress. It takes more effort to focus – which tires you out, affecting your mood and, ultimately, your productivity.

It’s not something to be taken lightly. A survey of 400 business managers conducted by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and the University of Maryland identifies office noise control as the greatest opportunity for productivity improvements. And in an American Institute of Interior Designers’ (ASID) study, more than 70 per cent of respondents said they would be more productive if their workplace was quieter.

The CBE also found a strong link between workplace dissatisfaction and speech privacy levels. Many employees are disturbed by people talking on telephones or in surrounding areas. And they’re concerned by the fact others can overhear their private conversations. Maintaining confidentiality can also be essential to your organization.

How is sound masking implemented?

Sound masking systems use loudspeakers to distribute a comfortable, engineered background sound. This makes it difficult to hear incidental noises or conversations. The LogiSon Sound Masking System’s loudspeakers are usually installed in a grid-like pattern above the ceiling tiles.

You can control the LogiSon Sound Masking System from a central control panel, a PC, or a handheld computer. If you need on-demand acoustic control in private offices or meeting rooms, you can install keypads and remote controls.

If you’d like to page employees (selectively, or across a wide area), or even provide music, you can do both through the same set of loudspeakers. The LogiSon Sound Masking System also protects against eavesdropping and electronic espionage by employing multiple independent sound generators. In short, the LogiSon Sound Masking System is a complete acoustic control solution.

Whats are the benefits of sound masking for open-plan areas?

Because it’s not a physical barrier, sound masking can help create a flexible, open space that supports interaction between employees. It can maintain acoustic control if employee density increases, or if the height of workstation partitions decreases.

Will sound masking work in restaurants?

Locations such as airport lounges and members clubs, which are similar to open-plan office environments, can benefit. However, most restaurants are characterized by high background sound levels and a lot of echo. These issues should be addressed with absorptive materials.

Can I use sound masking to address outdoor noise?

It is difficult to control outdoor noise. Sound masking systems aren’t designed for installation in outdoor conditions and it is difficult to properly distribute the sound in such a setting. Physical barriers can be constructed, but may have a limited impact depending on the type of noise you need to address. Landscape designers recommend using water features, such as small fountains, to distract listeners.