Our Assessment


A thorough valuation is key to achieving real success. Acoulite consultants are trained in industry best practices, enabling us to categorize problems into three areas:

  • lack of speech privacy
  • noise and concentration issues
  • a combination of both these issues

Multifunctional work spaces place higher demand on effective acoustics enabling them to adapt to the dynamic required. Agility of the space being chief and necessary. Knowedgeable design will achieve an acoustic soundscape that dampens down extraneous sound and encourages privacy and ease; avoiding potential disasters and allowing staff to function with freedom and comfort. Due to the flexibility required by today’s organisations, most working environments have a mixture of these issues. From the boardroom, open plan workspaces and client meeting areas, to the staff restaurant and down time spaces, none are immune.

A gap analysis on the physics of the space along with a comprehensive set of calculations will allow us to suggest and establish a corrective course actions. We then move forward to identifying suitable acoustic products to empower the acoustic landscape.

Enhancing privacy

Client privacy during interactions is intrinsic to good business and relationships. A typical concern often seen in cellular or closed office workspaces is that of sound leaks. In sectors where confidentiality is a priority – human resources, medical, law, financial – this will be need to be addressed.

Sound leaks may occur for any number of reasons. Often, they are due to construction techniques that have been performed inadequately, building design constraints, lightweight wall or ceiling partitions or a low building noise floor.

These issues can be assessed and treated accordingly. Ensuring that discretion is prioritised and that clients and staff alike feel secure.

Reducing noise and empowering concentration

Reverberation within building is a key issue. The hard materials used in construction are counterproductive to an effective work environment. More noticeable in open-plan spaces, small noises are amplified making it difficult for employees to concentrate. Keyboard strokes or conversations overheard across a space leads to discomfort and agitation of staff. Resulting in a less productive working force.

Acoulite will suggest acoustic solutions which reduce these concerns; minimizing the impact they have and in turn adding value to your office by creating a space that is comfortable and industrious.

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