The Most Innovative Lighting Solution to Happiness and Wellbeing


Numerous researchers have identified the influence of lighting on wellbeing, happiness and productivity. According to a research by Philips lighting in Australia, 78% of the population feel more positive living under a bright and light environment. Research has identified that those who spend a majority of their time indoor under poor quality, dim lighting are at a risk of frequent headaches, eye strain and a negative feeling in general.

Professor Paolo Di Trapani, the founder and CEO of Coelux, had identified the gap of natural lighting indoors, especially in the health care sector. Through years of hard work and dedication to the notion that we are not built to live in dark boxes, he was able to develop one of the most innovative lighting solutions till date. “CoeLux is described succinctly as an optical system that recreates the sun and the sky in spaces that would otherwise be devoid of light”. The result is achieved thanks to the comprehensive work carried on by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in the field of optical physics, numerical modelling, chemistry, material science, architecture and design. CoeLux is no mere light fitting: the science behind CoeLux is “varying densities of nanotechnology to scatter light from an LED light source. The effect of Rayleigh scattering in the space of one metre, creating the illusion that the ‘sun’ is suspended in a pure blue sky.”

Coelux for Productivity

“Light has an enormous effect on our physical and mental well-being” – Stanley Felderman. He believes that it is in our DNA to perform better under a specific lighting and that is why we react differently depending on our light environment, thus leading to an effect in productivity, happiness and well-being. “A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design indicated that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices. The two most common scenarios for poor office lighting are lights that are too dim and lights that are too harsh”. Multiple markets are ready for CoeLux: office buildings are an excellent example where many people are working long hours in standard artificial light. Coelux strongly believes in research and factual information. Studies that have been conducted to evaluate the effect of productivity of people who are under Coelux demonstrate that people under CoeLux light are more productive and less stressed.

Coelux for Well-being and Productivity

According to scientific studies light plats an important role when it comes to health. Natural light strengthens and speeds up the healing process. Exposing our self to natural light improves our mood, reduces our stress and makes it easier for patients and staff involved in the healing process to relax. Coelux is a disruptive innovation that completely transforms hospitals, rest home and rehabilitation facilities by offering portions of sky and the amount of light of a sunny day. For the first time the traumatic experience of hospitalization turns into a break out in the open for those who cannot enjoy a nice walk in the park.