Dyson Lighting

Acoulite are pleased to be the supply partner of Dyson Lighting.

Powerful light. Precisely where you need it.

Poor lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches, as well as drops in task performance. Dyson lights are engineered to solve these problems.

They use Heat pipe technology to cool their LEDs – maintaining brightness and with precise positioning control, they’re designed to create optimal lighting conditions for every task. Dyson lights are engineered from the inside out, for optimum performance.



Suspended lighting with Heat pipe technology to cool LEDs. For powerful light, precisely where you need it. Six vacuum-sealed tubes span the wings of the Cu-Beam™ suspended lights. Each tube contains a drop of water.

Stage 1: When the light is switched on, the heat generated by the LEDs turns the water inside the tubes into vapour. The vapour begins moving along the tubes due to the difference in pressure.

Stage 2: As soon the vapour reaches a cool area of the tube, it condenses back into water. Heat energy is dissipated evenly through a series of aluminium fins, which form the light’s wings.

Stage 3: A copper wick draws the water back towards the LEDs via capillary action, and the cycle begins again.

Dyson CuBeam Combined up and down light with full flexible control. Alters to suit changing needs throughout the day. A costum-built driver splits the light ratio to suit different needs.


Presenting: With more light upwards and less light downwards, the presenter’s screen can become the focal point.

Meeting: More light directed downwards illuminates the table, to aid note-taking and discussions across the table.

Out of Hours: Full up-light provides a blanket of ambient illumination across the space – ideal for maintenance staff.


Task lights with Heat pipe technology to cool LEDs. For powerful light, precisely where you need it. Task Lighting with Heat Pipe technology to cool LEDs

Good light for work

Task lighting provides localised illumination for specific tasks. It only provides a high level of illumination over the areas where it’s needed. Other areas, used for break-out and storage, require far less illumination. Light isn’t wasted, so energy and costs are saved.


CSYS™ task lights are available in two different colour temperatures.

Powerful warm white task light. Engineered for use in a relaxing space and powerful cool white task light. Engineered for the office environment. Warm white light can create a relaxing, homely guest environment. CSYS™ task lights give hotel guests powerful warm white light. They can position it precisely where it’s needed, to suit working and reading.

Cool white light can create an office – like environment. CSYS™ 4K task lights provide 25% more light on the task plane than the original CSYS™ task light.



Please get in touch with Emma from Acoulite to find out more about Dyson Lighting.