Amadeus Office

The traditional office had all things bad for employee health. The modern office understands the essence of a well designed space for work.
Acoulite are very proud to have worked with
INC Group Dubai on the new Amadeus office! We worked with INC design team to create Autex Acoustics LLC bespoke Cascade Screens, including company branding, alongside Autex Lattice Torus ceiling baffles.

Cascade Hanging Screens are created using Cube; a lightweight semi-rigid panel with water-cut patterns allowing line of sight to remain, but with a visual sense of division.

At the heart of Cascade, just like all our products, is its exceptional acoustic performance. With each style tailored for targeted sound absorption, you can be sure that your offices, meeting areas, breakout spaces and lobbies will feel calm as background chatter melts through
each screen.

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