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Setting up offshore is never straightforward. Yet, in 2015, Ericsson established their new head office in Kuala Lumpur with Acoulite appointed as the Head Acoustic & Lighting consultants in charge of overseeing this prestigious project. Globally recognized as a true market leader, with over 40% of all global mobile traffic forums supplied through channels run by Ericsson, they are known to have one of the strongest intellectual property portfolios in the market today.

The substantial scale of this project meant that collaboration between each designer and the client was vital, to ensure that reports and specification sheets were executed to the client’s precise brief.

The challenge

The office had various interactive spaces that demanded different approaches dependent on function; with products from More Lighting ( and SET LED ( being used throughout the project. In the lobby, color change underfloor lighting was used to maximum effect. Creating a progressive, high-tech impact – in line with Ericsson as a global tech leader. Track lighting with organic curves contrasted effectively with the more conventional straight lines of the office to link individual spaces together. In the ‘down time’ lounge area, drop pendants with warmer tones were used with the aim of creating a more casual environment.

The solution

Acoulite was required to source a new supplier, as the original spec couldn’t be met in the time frame necessary. This resulted in a knock-on effect that led to a change in the dimmers and LED drivers. Since there is standardized LED driver, it is imperative that the correct ones are selected; suitable for the particular device or array of products that are to be illuminated.

These changes were successfully achieved within a limited schedule. With the installed state of the art control lighting system giving users the flexibility and independence to control any luminaire connected to the system; ensuring the client had the ability to change the ambience of a room if and when required.

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