Confidential Government Project

Designed by DWP and fitted out by Summertown Interiors, Acoulite worked on all the Acoustic, Lighting and Lighting Controls Solution throughout this confidential government project. Part of our acoustic scope was supplying and installing over 800 m2 of Novawall acoustic fabric paneling on the 1st phase

Using our partner brands, Future Design, Halla and Lamp Lighting, we were able to create a clean, minimalist look throughout the office areas, and define the breakout spaces using custom design pendant fixtures with a more playful look and feel.

A DALI Dimming system was used to give the client maximum flexibility of the lighting scenes in key areas such as Meeting and Boardrooms. We are really thankful for the opportunity to work on such a fantastic project. The design was very well received by the client and has already reported to have boosted employee moral.



Services Provided




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