Murdoch University Dubai


Designed by Woods Baggot and Fitout executed by KPS, Acoulite worked together on supplying the lighting and acoustic that fit seamlessly well into the space.

Designers Woods Bagot ensured that finishes true to each material were given priority. Raw material textures and colours were clearly expressed highlighted, and assemblies of materials were made visible wherever possible within practical constraints. A sense of transparency and fluidity was sought throughout the campus space. Any common areas were treated acoustically to become small hubs to promote impromptu encounters and interactions.


Writable and pinnable surfaces are seen everywhere with no corner or corridor wasted. Sustainable materials, such as cork, is prevalent together with birch faced plywood. Materials made with a high percentage of recycled PET bottles were also given priority. Envisioning a space where sustainability was entrenched in the concept via reclaiming and reconditioning existing elements and merging them with the new fit-out in a seamless manner, proved quite the challenge for the designers, and the result was a fantastic new space that looked beautiful, remained sustainable, and fit the budget.

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Woods Baggot