Nursery of The Future – Ora

“The biggest challenge facing education designers is that we’re preparing children for jobs that don’t yet exist” – Pallavi Dean, founder of Roar Design Studio


Designed by Roar Studio with contracting work by Cambridge Consultants, Ora the nursery of the Future is based in Emirates Tower Dubai and is the latest addition to the Future Collection

The interior design brief was to create a world-class learning experience that instils the habits of innovation and futurism that will stay with children for life. The designers worked tirelessly to create an environment that is not only futuristic but also a space that is nurturing, playful, stimulating and social.

“Ora is a space designed to where children would not just learn specific skills such as maths and reading, but would fall in love with learning itself. That meant designing a learning experience that’s playful, stimulating and social. Learning by doing is so much more powerful than a conventional lecture-style set up. For early years learning, there’s an added layer of responsibility, because you have to do all of this in a nurturing environment that makes the children feel safe, secure and happy” – Pallavi Dean. 

Lighting is a crucial aspect for an educational space, Acoulite worked together with Roar Design Studio and Cambridge Middle East on developing a lighting brief that was in line with the nursery’s futuristic design with a special focus on wellbeing. The lighting was designed to improve concentration periods, visual comfort and safety was priority during design and implementation. Thus our idea was to have a trimless, flicker and glare free lighting which not only favoured the design but also promoted comfort and wellness of the children and staff. High quality lighting fixtures were installed to promote learning and to avoid fatigue and strains caused to the eyes. Additionally, best use was made of natural lighting as it is proven that natural daylight has an impact on students’ biological rhythms, it also improves their well-being, their productivity and their ability to focus.


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