Qatar First Bank

This project was a success in terms of collaboration on an extremely technical project.


This project was a success in terms of collaboration on an extremely technical project. The designer – Allen International – was based in London and it was extremely critical to the project that the lighting complied with the standards of the Civil Defense Authority.

Acoulite was privileged to consult and provide assistance in the more technical areas of the project. In the interior, the double-volume, sleek space in the foyer was the perfect backdrop for striking, oversize standalone lamps. The interior design made large use of slates and blacks in the colour palette; ensuring a strong and conservative tone. To complement this, lighting was especially crucial to accent the strong architectural lines. Concierge desks were backlit to provide warmth to the space and to draw attention to these help desks.


Cove lighting was also a special focus in this project; the goal being to maximize the large space yet soften simultaneously through this technique. Enabling clients to feel at home in the space with discreet meeting and waiting areas. Additionally, Acoulite was closely involved with design development and installation of the custom-made chandeliers provided by Alger Triton ( These spectacular one-off pieces work well in the space and provide a touch of elegance and refinement, drawing the eye upwards and into the area. Due to time constraints, Acoulite was unable to be the sole supplier of the lighting products but was able to source the necessary products from the best suppliers in the time frame necessary.

The result

Exterior lighting included façade, emergency and car park lighting. The architectural design featured spectacular lattice work, which we wanted to highlight and strategically placed lighting was used to great effect. The customer insisted that all external lighting had to be attractive yet meet with exceptionally technical specifications. Strip LED lighting from PhillipsVaya Linea Wash – and Osram – Linea Light Power Flex Protect – were used on ramps and walkways as well as parking spaces, provided ambience and functionality. The end result was overwhelmingly positive and the client was satisfied with the result. Working together with the fit-out contractor, Acoulite is extremely proud of this project.

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