The Seventy Seventy based at the Park Hyatt Dubai is a previously under-utilized mezzanine area above the Traiteur restaurant. This space has benefited from a major design overhaul. It was recently reopened and boasts of a very comfortable and residential feel, with a heavy dose of the 1970s. Structural changes were made before the interior work began. A new slab enclosed the space that previously connected to the restaurant below, leaving only small windows to look down. This helped to give the space its own identity.

Seventy Seventy was a collaborative project between Meraki & Modus, who created the concept and strategy, and LW Design who was responsible for the interior design of the project; Aati Contracts executed the project’s fit-out requirements and Acoulite supplied the lighting and manufactured custom lighting solutions.

According to Pooja Shah-Mulani, Lead Senior Designer and Jesper Axel-Peterson, Senior Designer at LW Designs every effort has been made to stay true to the original design concept. This is reflected in the choice of furnishings and details such as the blown-glass lighting. These are typical of the seventies era and were intended to reinforce the retro-glamorous atmosphere to the bar.

Patrons are encouraged to move around freely, play records on the record player, gaze into the flames of the vapour fireplace, or perhaps, even enjoy a nightcap on the terrace with the stunning Creek views.


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