Warehouse 421

Versatility makes a space come to life.


Supportive of the UAE’s creative community, an industrial warehouse was transformed in 2015 to become a cultural space for artistic expression and further development of public discourse and innovative community development. Warehouse 421 officially launched in Abu Dhabi’s port area of Mina Zayed with Acoulite being charged with bringing the space to life through effective and flexible solutions that would enable the space to become a vibrant and multipurpose space.

The challenge

As an exhibition location to showcase international and local artists, designers and cultural practitioners work as explorers through various artistic avenues, the main design challenge was the degree of flexibility required. This was central to a successful outcome.

Ensuring the space could be used for a variety of events where lighting was effective yet simple to change. Acoulite provided practical lighting solutions for the exhibition space that ensured that the design was flexible enough to provide the necessary control along with the necessary ease of changing fittings as displays are rotated or the use of the space is altered.

The solution

Acoulite worked very closely with the MEP Consultant during the concept and design process to ensure that the architect and client’s vision were achieved. This included the design of a complex and state of the art intelligent lighting control system that would provide the client with the flexibility through independent control of any luminaire connected to the system without the need for any reprogramming, rewiring or reconfiguration.

Allowing the client to instantly alter scenes, dimming levels or switching patterns instantly so that the ever changing needs of the space could be adapted to. The well-known brand Zumtobel (http://www.zumtobel.com/gb-en/index.html) was used for the front of house, while Lugstar (http://www.luglightfactory.com/en) and Altlantyk lighting were effective in the back of house areas. Suspended Tecton with Vivo and ECOS mounted on it also featured.

All elements coming together to create a lively, dynamic space suitable for visitors and exhibitors alike.

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Allan Keith