To be the lighting and acoustic supplier of choice for the Gulf region.

Who we are

Intelligent lighting and acoustics is transformative. For what is a building without lighting? Just a box. By taking the complicated and making it simple, we energize your space through smart design, elevating your commercial office or residence.

In 2005, Acoulite opened its doors in Dubai, never looking back. Offering turnkey and bespoke lighting and acoustic solutions to our clients throughout the Gulf, we have built an extensive portfolio. With offices in Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpar along with an international network of distribution specialists, Acoulite delivers functional yet eco-conscious lighting solutions as well as acoustic products.

Focusing on cutting-edge functionality without compromising on the aesthetics, we invite you to bring your space to life with us.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, consultants, contractors and the client.

We have a proven track record of delivering the best lighting design and acoustic solutions from concept to completion.

Acoulite has a dedicated team of designers, engineers, technicians and project managers.

Why Acoulite

You can trust us.

From small-scale projects to larger ones covering all sectors, we have done it all. Supporting you in realizing your objectives, is what we do. Our integrated team of designers, engineers, technicians and project managers understands this; guiding you every step of the way. Matching all parties’ aspirations; bringing visions to life.

Adding verve to your architecture through intuitive and accessible lighting and acoustic solutions.

Acoulite stay loyal to their company values.


How did we manage to became one of the most experienced team for lighting & acoustic solutions?

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