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MEP Consultants Every project will require an MEP consultant, at a certain point along the way to keep it on track and keep a carefully trained eye on the technical side of the venture as...


Architects & Designers

Architects The Architects role is not simply to design the building; they are also responsible for the specifications and overseeing of the project in its entirety. The Architect conceptualizes the design and a whole lot...


Project Management

Project Management It is vital to develop a strong and cohesive relationship with the Project Manager. Their role is the overall management of the entire project, overseeing the design, budget and execution. The Project Manager...


End Users

Working directly with end users Acoulite realises the importance of sitting down with clients to make sure they fully understand the task at hand. We take our time to discuss the client’s ideas, needs, design...



Main contractor A main contractor will specialise in a specific construction industry: commercial, entertainment, medical etc. Their role is to see the project through from the initial design phase to completion and are responsible for...


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