We guarantee the very finest finishes for every interior project we take on. No wonder we’re the trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest and most recognisable brands.

Creating ambience, one lamp at a time.

We pride ourselves on creating moods and environments using the very finest in lighting and illumination technology. Whether it's a private property, an office, or a restaurant, we have the knowledge to illuminate your spaces and the lives of their inhabitants.

Spaces that sound as great as they look.

We deliver carefully managed acoustic landscaping for our clients via one of the biggest ranges of sustainable acoustic solutions in the region. We also have a dedicated team of acoustic installation specialists that can support you in delivering spaces that are perfectly engineered down to the very finest sonic details.

The perfect lighting? It’s all in your hands.

Our state of the art lighting control systems are built around our clients' needs. No matter the space, we deploy solutions that provide users with intuitive, easy-to- manage and low-maintenance control solutions.

our team

We have a dedicated team of lighting design and specification professionals who bring years of knowledge and expertise to each and every client project we work on.