Detail and colors bring vividness to spaces and provide character which makes everyday activities become both functional and appealing.


Lighting design deals with the approach to the effect that illuminations have on certain aspects of environment. The mood and atmosphere of an environment is affected by many factors including the light direction, use of shadow, modeling and beam control, just to name a few. Texture and layout also play an important role in shaping the lighting landscape.

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Our approach to lighting solutions will result in increased productivity as well as creating a more comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acoulite install the lighting?

Acoulite is a supply and design company and does not undertake installation. However, we ...

Does Acoulite provide a warranty for the lighting?

Acoulite provides a standard warranty for one year on light fittings and six months ...

How do you know what lighting levels are required?

If the designer's brief does not include this information, we refer to ...


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