Frequently Asked Questions


Does Acoulite install the lighting?

Acoulite is a supply and design company and does not undertake installation. However, we do have a dedicated technical team to guide the electrical contractors in the lighting installation process.

Does Acoulite provide a warranty for the lighting?

Acoulite provides a standard warranty for one year on light fittings and six months on gears.

How do you know what lighting levels are required?

If the designer’s brief does not include this information, we refer to CIBSE lighting guides, they are a professional body who supply guidance and best practice documents which are in harmony with all the European and BS standards.

Why should I use lighting controls?

By incorporating presence detection as well as daylight harvesting, it is possible to save up to 70% of the energy that would otherwise be used. We can provide a detailed lighting control design that is suited to the requirements of your project.

How come I can get an alternative luminaire for half the price?

While that may be true, you must be aware of the value of the fitting. Although the luminaire may look the same, its performance may be very different. Our experienced team can offer assistance when a project requires value engineering.

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