Aldar Headquarters, Yas Island

Aldar Properties, a leading UAE real estate development, management, and investment company, recently constructed its new headquarters on Yas Island. Known for its commitment to innovation and excellence, Aldar Properties sought to create a workspace that reflects its corporate values and fosters a sense of connection, collaboration, and community among its occupants. This vision was the driving force behind the design and construction of the new Aldar Headquarters.

The transformation of Aldar’s Headquarters was a monumental endeavour requiring several key partners' expertise and collaboration. ATS Building and Interiors divisions led the construction efforts, ensuring that the physical structure met the highest quality and functionality standards. Mustard&Linen brought their design expertise to the project, crafting an interior that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to productivity. Acoulite, the lighting supplier, played a crucial role in enhancing the workspace with bespoke lighting solutions that complement the overall design.

Project Details

Project Name Aldar Headquarters, Yas Island

Brands Neko, Aero, JR Lite, Flos, Intra, Bolia, Estiluz, Faro, iGuzzini, Lam32, Ligman, Muuto, XAL

Completion 2022

Interior Designer Mustard & Linen

Fit-out Contractor Al Tayer Stocks

Scope Lighting, Automation and Controls

Country UAE

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