Working with consultants

Building a great company starts with creating an environment for a thriving team. At Acoulite, we believe you should enjoy the work you do and the space where you do it.

MEP Consultants

Every project will require an MEP consultant, at a certain point along the way to keep it on track and keep a carefully trained eye on the technical side of the venture as a whole. At the start, they will work on Computer-aided Design (CAD) in order to create precision models of the layout. Their aim is to control the design, and with regards to Acoulite they consider the lighting and acoustic specifications. An MEP consultant is responsible for the load calculations of a project. This means calculating the amount of power being drawn from an electrical system and this is vital to consider from the points of view of safety, environment and budgetary requirements.

The Bill of Quantity (BOQ) is an itemized list listing which products and materials are being used on a build, along with their price, specifications and a detailed breakdown regarding the amount and cost of labour. The BOQ also details the terms and conditions for repairs and construction. This document is the responsibility of the MEP consultant and it is essential in allowing the contractors and designers to work within the correct budget and framework.