Working with project managers & cost consultants

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Project Management

It is vital to develop a strong and cohesive relationship with the Project Manager. Their role is the overall management of the entire project, overseeing the design, budget and execution. The Project Manager will liaise with each individual team in order to ensure that, as a whole, we function well together and work at a complimentary pace, to see the project through to completion.

A project manager’s individual responsibilities include single source procurement and the programming and commissioning of products. They will also provide experienced specification requirements. This is essential in technical builds as every element is finely balanced to work effectively overall and if the specifications are not strictly adhered to then this can cause problems throughout the project. Acoulite’s projects tend to be highly technical and every aspect must be considered, from the lighting to the acoustics. Large scale projects are complex to manage and it is vital to be considerate; the project manager will do an initial analysis and an acoustic report to make sure that the project will not impede on surrounding businesses and locations.

Our work says it all

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