Du Headquarters

The du headquarters is a beacon of modern design and functionality, embodying a space that caters to its occupants' diverse needs. Every area is meticulously planned to enhance productivity and comfort, from executive offices and CEO and chairman suites to convertible meeting rooms and majlis. The headquarters also features a staff cafeteria and lounge, creating a holistic environment where employees can collaborate, unwind, and rejuvenate.

Acoulite was entrusted with the task of providing advanced lighting and acoustic solutions for this prestigious project. The objective was to create an atmosphere that fosters innovation and collaboration and upholds the highest standards of aesthetics and comfort. This meant delivering functional and visually appealing solutions aligning with the overall design vision of the space.

Acoulite's challenge was integrating its solutions seamlessly into the dynamic and multifunctional environment of du’s headquarters. This required a careful balance between enhancing the visual and auditory experience and ensuring that the practical needs of a modern workplace were met. Acoulite aimed to transform the headquarters into a space that inspires and supports its occupants in every way possible by focusing on innovation and efficiency.

Project Details

Project Name Du Headquarters

Brands Neko, Alto, JR Lite, Flos, Intra, Autex

Completion 2021

Interior Designer Bluehaus

Fit-out Contractor ISG

Scope Lighting, Automation and Controls, Acoustics

Country UAE

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